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Hanumanji Aarti

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Names of Ganeshji

Ekadant (one-toothed) 

To scribe the Mahabharat Katha Ganeshji removed one of his tusks to carve a quill from it. He then scribed the epic on palm leaves as the sage Ved Vyas recited it. The scribing took three years!In south India there is a belief that when ploughing first began on earth, it was Lord Ganeshji who first ploughed using one of his tusks

In the Uttar Ramayan, Brahmand Puran and Padma Puran there is a reference of a battle between Ganeshji and Parshuram. During the duel, the latter's axe fractured one of Ganeshji's tusks According to the Brahmand Puran, it was his left tusk.

There are other names related to his body and virtues.

A few commonly known are listed below: 

Lambodar - from the long - 'lambo', tummy - 'udar'.

Gajkarna - from the large elephant 'Gaja' ears - 'karna.'

Kapil - from his ruddy complexion.

Vikat - heavy-bodied.

Bhalchandra - having a Chandra (moon) on his forehead - 'bhal.

Dwaimatur - one who has 'dwi' - two, 'mata' - mother; Parvati - who gave birth to him and Malini - a demoness who nurtured him

Vakratund - one who breaks the ego of he who behaves anti-socially ('Vakra').

Mudgal - In south India, a special 'Mudgal Puran' extols Ganapati's glory. It cites 32 names, while 'Shardatilak' lists 51 names.

Vigneshwar - One who removes mayic obstacles - 'vignas'

Ganesh History

Ganesh Birth 

Once Lord Shiva left his usual dwelling on Mt.Kailas in the Himalayas, to meditate in one of the caves in the same mountain. Two friends of Parvati, his consort, suggested that she should have a 'gana' - attendant of their own, since they were not too happy with Shivaji's 'ganas'. Parvati agreed. Soon after, using her divine powers, she created a son, naming him Vinayak. She instructed him to guard their home.

When Shivaji returned Vinayak prevented him from entering. After some bickering, Shivaji beheaded Vinayak with his 'trishul' (trident). When Parvati heard of this she lamented intensely. Shivaji realised his error. To set things right he sent his men to the forest to fetch the head of the first living thing they met. They encountered a baby elephant and returned with its head. With his divine power, Shivaji placed the head over his son's body. Instantly Vinayak sprung to life. Henceforth Vinayak also earned the name of Gajaanan. 'Gaja' means elephant. Shivaji blessed him with a boon that people would first worship and offer him dedication in all their auspicious activities. Those who didn't would not attain success.

Bhadarva Sud 4th is the day Parvati was offering the final pujan to the dead Ganeshji, when he resurrected.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Ganesha Asthakam

Yatho anantha shakthir anathascha jeeva,
Yatho nirgunadha aprameyaa gunasthe,
Yatho bhathi saravam tridha bedha binnam,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 1

Yathaschaviraseej jagath sarvametha,
Thadhabjasano viswgo viswagoptha,
Thandendradhayo deva sanga manushya,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 2

Yatho vahni bhanu bhavo bhoor jalam cha,
Yatha sagaraschandrama vyoma vayu,
Yatha sthavara jangama vruksha sangha,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 3

Yatho dhanava, kinnara yaksha sangha,
Yatha scharana varana swapadascha,
Yatha pakshi keeta yatho veerudasha,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 4

Yatho budhir ajnananaso mumukshor,
Yatha sampadho bhaktha santhoshika syu,
Yatho vigna naso, yatha karya sidhi,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 5

Yatha puthra sampadhyatho, vanchithartho,
Yatho abhakthi vignasthadha anekaroopa,
Yatho soka mohaou yatha kama eva,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 6

Yatho anantha shakthi sasesho bhabhoova,
Dharadhararenakaroope cha shaktha,
Yatho anekadha swargalolka hi nana,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 7

Yatha veda vacho vikunta manobhi,
Sada nethinetheeti yatha gunanthi,
Para brahma roopam chidananda bhootham,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 8