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History of Shree Hanuman

The story of the birth of Hanuman goes

Hanumanji Ashtothra Naamavali

Lord Hanuman Ashtothra Naamavali

God Hanumanji Aarti

Hanumanji Aarti

108 Names of Lord Hanuman

Names of Lord Hanuman

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Friday, 29 March 2013

History of Shree Ram

Ram was the Prince of Ayodhya, and the son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kausilya. He had three brothers, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. The Hindu god Ram turned the bow of Lord Shiva at the swayamvara organized by King Janak, and accordingly, won the hand of the King's daughter, Sita.

While he returned to Ayodhya, on the demand of his father's third wife, Kaikeyi, he was sending away for 14 years. Throughout this period of banish, the brothers Ram and Lakshmana, and Sita, and several adventures. On one occasion, Ram reject Surpanakha's marriage offer. She was the sister of the King of Lanka, Ravana.

Enraged, Surpanakha try to kill Sita, but Lakshmana cut her nose and one ear. She then request to her brother to punish her. She tempted him by telling that Sita will make a correct bride for him. Ravana kidnapped Sita. To save her, Ram wanted the help of the monkey king, Sugreeva. Sugreeva arranged a huge army of monkeys and bears, led by Hanuman.

Hanuman flies across the ocean to Lanka. There he was captured by the rakshasas (demons), and his tail was located on fire.

Though, Hanuman used his powers to increase the length of his tail such that there was no end to it. He then escaped, setting Lanka on fire with his burning tail.
Meanwhile, Ram's army had constructed a bridge across the ocean. They go through Ravana's kingdom.

In battle, Lakshmana was dangerously injured. Hanuman flew to the Himalays to take back the herb that would treat him. Though, he was unable to find it, and hence, brought back the whole mountain. In the battle, Ram killed Ravana and save Sita. They return to Ayodhya, where they were crowned King and Queen.

Lord Shree Rama

|| Names of Lord Ram || 

Dasharathi - Lord Rama
Dhanvine - A Name for Lord Rama
Hariram - Lord Rama
Janakinath - Lord Rama
Parasme - Most Superior, Lord Rama
Paresha - Lord of the Lords. A Name for Lord Rama
Raghav - Lord Rama
Raghavendra - Lord Rama
Raghukumara - Lord Ram
Raghunandan - Lord Rama
Raghunath - Lord Rama
Raghupati - Lord Rama
Raghuvir - Lord Rama
Ram - Lord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit
Ramadeep - Lord Rama
Ramchandra - Lord Rama
Ramkishore - Lord Rama
Ramkumar - Lord Rama
Rammohan - Lord Rama
Ramnath - Lord Rama
Ramoji - Lord Rama
Ramprasad - Lord Rama
Rampratap - Lord Rama
Ramratan - Lord Rama
Ramswaroop - Lord Rama
Saketharaman - A Name for Lord Rama
Satyavache - Lord Rama, Speaker of Truth
Shashvata - A Name for Lord Rama Eternal
Shriram - Lord Rama
Sitakanta - Lord Rama
Sriram - Lord Rama
Sukhakar - Lord Rama
Vatradhara - Practising Penance, Lord Rama

Ram Ashtothra Naamavali

|| 108 Slokas or Names of Lord Ram ||

Lord Ram Ashtothra Naamavali

Om Shri Ramaya Namaha -The Giver of happiness
Om Ramabhadraya Namaha -The Auspicious One
Om Ramachandraya Namaha - Moon like Gentle
Om Shashvataya Namaha -The ever-lasting one
Om Rajivalochanaya Namaha -The Lotus-eyed
Om Shrimate Namaha -The Abode of Lakshmi
Om Rajendraya Namaha -The King of the Kings
Om Raghupungavaya Namaha -The Scion of the Raghu dynasty
Om Janaki Vallabhaya Namaha -The Consort of Janaki
Om Jaitraya Namaha -The Triumphant
Om Jitamitraya Namaha -The Conqueror of His Foes
Om Janardhanaya Namaha -The Refuge of the people
Om Vishvamitra Priyaya Namaha -The Beloved of Sage Vishvamitra
Om Dantaya Namaha -The Unperturbed
Om Sharanatrana Tatparaya Namaha -The One who is Determined To Protect His Devotees
Om Bali Pramathanaya Namaha -The Slayer of Bali
Om Vagmine Namaha -The Spokesman
Om Satyavache Namaha -The Speaker Of Truth
Om Satyavikramaya Namaha -The One who is Truthfully Powerful
Om Satyavrataya Namaha -The One of truthful vows
Om Vratadharaya Namaha -The One who is Practising Penance
Om Sada Hanumadashritaya Namaha -The One who is always served by Hanuman
Om Kausaleyaya Namaha -The Son of Kausalya
Om Kharadhvamsine Namaha -The Slayer of the demon Khara
Om Viradha Vanapanditaya Namah -The Slayer of the demon Viradha
Om Vibhishana Paritratre Namaha -The Protector of Vibhishana
Om Kodanda Khandanaya Namaha -The One who broke the mighty bow
Om Saptatala Prabhedre Namaha -The One who Broke the Seven Tale Trees
Om Dashagriva Shiroharaya Namaha -The Slayer Of Ten-Headed Ravana
Om Jamadagnya Mahadarpaya Namaha -The destroyer of Jamadagni's Son's Arrogance
Om Tatakantakaya Namaha -The Slayer of Tataka
Om Vedanta Saraya Namaha -The Essence of Vedanta
Om Vedatmane Namaha -The Spirit of the Vedas
Om Bhavarogasya Bheshajaya Namaha -The Reliever Of Earthly Ailments
Om Dushanatri Shirohantre Namaha -The Slayer Of Dooshanatrishira
Om Trigunatmakaya Namaha -The Source of the three gunas
Om Trivikramaya Namaha -The Conqueor Of The Three Worlds
Om Trilokatmane Namaha -The Lord Of The Three Worlds
Om Punyacharitra Kirtanaya Namah -The One whose story is a source of merit to those who sing it
Om Triloka Rakshakaya Namaha -The Protector of the three worlds
Om Dhanvine Namaha -The wielder of the bow
Om Dandakaranya Kartanaya Namaha -The Dweller in the Dandaka forest
Om Ahalya Shapashamanaya Namaha -The Reliever of Ahalya's curse
Om Pitru Bhaktaya Namaha -The Worshipper of father Dasaratha
Om Vara Pradaya Namaha -The giver of boons
Om Jitendriyaya Namaha -The Conqueror of the senses
Om Jitakrodhaya Namaha -The Conqueror of anger
Om Jitamitraya Namaha -The One who wins over friends
Om Jagad Gurave Namaha -The Guru of the world
Om Riksha Vanara Sanghatine Namaha -The Saviour Of Boars And Monkeys
Om Chitrakuta Samashrayaya Namaha -The Lord who took refuge at Chitrakuta Hill
Om Jayanta Trana Varadaya Namaha -The Lord who blessed Jayanta
Om Sumitra Putra Sevitaya Namaha -The Lord who is served by Sumitra's son (Lakshmana)
Om Sarva Devadhi Devaya Namaha -The Lord of all the gods
Om Mritavanara Jivanaya Namaha -The reviver of dead monkeys
Om Mayamaricha Hantre Namaha -The Destroyer of the demon Maricha
Om Mahadevaya Namaha -The Great Lord
Om Mahabhujaya Namaha -The Lord of mighty arms
Om Sarvadeva Stutaya Namaha -The Lord who is praised by all the gods
Om Saumyaya Namaha -The Calm One
Om Brahmanyaya Namaha -The Absolute Reality
Om Muni Samstutaya Namaha -The Lord who is praised by sages
Om Mahayogine Namaha -The Great Yogi
Om Mahadaraya Namaha -The Noble One
Om Sugrivepsita Rajyadaye Namaha -The Lord who returned the kingdom to Sugriva
Om Sarva Punyadhi Kaphalaya Namaha -The Giver of fruits of pious work, good karmas
Om Smrita Sarvagha Nashanaya Namaha -The Remover of all afflictions
Om Adipurushaya Namaha -The Primal Being
Om Paramapurushaya Namaha -The Supreme Being
Om Mahapurushaya Namaha -The Great Being
Om Punyodayaya Namaha -The Source of all blessings
Om Dayasaraya Namaha -The Embodiment of compassion
Om Purana Purushottamaya Namaha -The Most Ancient Person
Om Smita Vaktraya Namaha -The One who smiling speaks
Om Mita Bhashine Namaha -The One of moderate speech
Om Purva Bhashine Namaha -The One who rarely speaks
Om Raghavaya Namaha -The scion of the Raghu dynasty
Om Ananta Gunagambhiraya Namaha -The Lord of infinite majestic qualities
Om Dhirodatta Gunottamaya Namaha -The Lord of Valorous qualities
Om Maya Manusha Charitraya Namaha -The Lord who incarnated as a man through His maya
Om Mahadevadi Pujitaya Namaha -The Lord who is worshiped by Lord Shiva
Om Setukrite Namaha -The builder of the bridge
Om Sarva Tirthamayaya Namaha -The Lord who is the sum of all holy places
Om Haraye Namaha -The Destroyer
Om Shyamangaya Namaha -The Dark-complexioned One
Om Sundaraya Namaha -The Beautiful One
Om Shooraya Namaha -The Valiant
Om Pitavasase Namaha -The Lord clad in yellow raiment
Om Dhanurdharaya Namaha -The Bearer of the bow
Om Sarva Yajnadhipaya Namaha -The Lord of sacrifice
Om Yajvine Namaha -The Sacrificer
Om Jaramarana Varjitaya Namaha -The Conqueror of birth and death
Om Vibhishana Pratishthatre Namaha -The Lord who crowned Vibhishana on the throne
Om Sarvabharana Varjitaya Namaha -The Lord who relinquished all adornment
Om Paramatmane Namaha -The Supreme Self
Om Parabrahmane Namaha -The Supreme Godhead
Om Sachidananda Vigrahaya Namaha -The Form of Eternal Bliss
Om Parasmai Jyotishe Namaha -The Supreme Light
Om Parasmai Dhamne Namaha -The Supreme Abode
Om Parakashaya Namaha -The Supreme Space
Om Paratparaya Namaha -The Supreme beyond the highest
Om Pareshaya Namaha -The Supreme Lord
Om Parakaya Namaha -The Uplifter Of The Poor
Om Paraya Namaha -The Supreme Being
Om Sarva Devatmakaya Namaha -The Lord who is the Source of all gods
Om Parasmai Namaha -The Supreme Lord