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History of Shree Hanuman

The story of the birth of Hanuman goes

Hanumanji Ashtothra Naamavali

Lord Hanuman Ashtothra Naamavali

God Hanumanji Aarti

Hanumanji Aarti

108 Names of Lord Hanuman

Names of Lord Hanuman

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shri Krishna 108 Names with Meaning

AchalaStill Lord
AchyutaInfallible Lord
AdbhutahWonderful God
AdidevThe Lord Of The Lords
AdityaThe Son Of Aditi
AjanmaOne Who Is Limitless And Endless
AjayaThe Conqueror Of Life And Death
AksharaIndestructible Lord
AmrutOne Who Is Sweet As Nectar
AnaadihOne Who Is The First Cause
AnandsagarCompassionate Lord
AnantaThe Endless Lord
AnantajitEver Victorious Lord
AnayaOne Who Has No Leader
AniruddhaOne Who Cannot Be Obstructed
AparajeetThe Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
AvyuktaOne Who Is As Clear As Crystal
BalgopalThe Child Krishna, The All Attractive
BaliThe Lord Of Strength
ChaturbhujFour-Armed Lord
DanavendraGranter Of Boons
DayaluRepositiory Of Compassion
DayanidhiThe Compassionate Lord
DevadidevThe God Of The Gods
DevakinandanSon Of Mother Devaki
DeveshLord Of The Lords
DharmadhyakshaThe Lord OF Dharma
DwarkapatiLord Of Dwarka
GopalOne Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
GopalpriyaLover Of Cowherds
GovindaOne Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
GyaneshwarThe Lord Of Knowledge
HariThe Lord Of Nature
HiranyagarbhaThe All Powerful Creator
HrishikeshThe Lord Of All Senses
JagadguruPreceptor Of The Universe
JagadishaProtector Of All
JagannathLord Of The Universe
JanardhanaOne Who Bestows Boons On One And All
JayantahConqueror Of All Enemies
JyotiraadityaThe Resplendence Of The Sun
KamalnathThe Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
KamalnayanThe Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
KamsantakSlayer Of Kamsa
KanjalochanaThe Lotus-Eyed God
KeshavaOne Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
KrishnaDark-Complexioned Lord
LakshmikantamThe Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
LokadhyakshaLord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)
MadanThe Lord Of Love
MadhavaKnowledge Filled God
MadhusudanSlayer Of Demon Madhu
MahendraLord Of Indra
ManmohanAll Pleasing Lord
ManoharBeautiful Lord
MayurThe Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest
MohanAll Attractive God
MuraliThe Flute Playing Lord
MurlidharOne Who Holds The Flute
MurlimanoharThe Flute Playing God
NandgopalaThe Son Of Nand
NarayanaThe Refuge Of Everyone
NiranjanaThe Unblemished Lord
NirgunaWithout Any Properties
PadmahastaOne Who Has Hands Like Lotus
PadmanabhaThe Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
ParabrahmanaThe Supreme Absolute Truth
ParamatmaLord Of All Beings
ParampurushSupreme Personality
ParthasarthiCharioteer Of Partha – Arjuna
PrajapatiLord Of All Creatures
PunyahSupremely Pure
PurshottamThe Supreme Soul
RavilochanaOne Who Eye Is The Sun
SahasraakashThousand-Eyed Lord
SahasrajitOne Who Vanquishes Thousands
SahasrapaatThousand-Footed Lord
SakshiAll Witnessing Lord
SanatanaThe Eternal Lord
SarvajanaOmniscient Lord
SarvapalakaProtector Of All
SarveshwarLord Of All Gods
SatyavachanaOne Who Speaks Only The Truth
SatyavrataThe Truth Dedicated Lord
ShantahPeaceful Lord
ShreshtaThe Most Glorious Lord
ShrikantaBeautiful Lord
ShyamDark-Complexioned Lord
ShyamsundaraLord Of The Beautiful Evenings
SudarshanaHandsome Lord
SumedhaIntelligent Lord
SureshamLord Of All Demi-Gods
SwargapatiLord Of Heavens
TrivikramaConqueror Of All The Three Worlds
UpendraBrother Of Indra
VaikunthanathaLord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode
VardhamaanahThe Formless Lord
VasudevAll Prevailing Lord
VishnuAll Prevailing Lord
VishwadakshinahSkilfull And Efficient Lord
VishwakarmaCreator Of The Universe
VishwamurtiOf The Form Of The Entire Universe
VishwarupaOne Who Displays The Universal Form
VishwatmaSoul Of The Universe
VrishaparvaaLord Of Dharma
YadavendraKing Of The Yadav Clan
YogiThe Supreme Master
YoginampatiLord Of The Yogis

Shri Krishna

Once upon a time there lived an evil, wicked and ambitious king by name of Kamsa in Mathura. He plundered the kingdom left and right and lawlessness prevailed in his state. On one of the days a heavenly prophecy from the sky came and echoed, “Kamsa! Your end is near! The eighth son of Devaki, your sister, will be the one responsible for your death.” Kamsa was enraged beyond control and imprisoned Devaki, his sister and Vasudeva her husband. Then he killed every child of the couple as they were born. But just the midnight when the eighth child was born, the skies roared and Lord Vishnu advised Vasudeva to take the child across the river Yamuna to the other side to the village of Gokul and exchange with the daughter of Yashoda in Gokul, who was born on the same day. Vasudeva accordingly put the child in a basket, and as he went out the doors of the prison parted for him as if in a magic. The river parted into two to allow for Vasudeva to cross. Vasudeva then crossed into Gokul and exchanged his son with the daughter of Yashoda who was born the same day and came back. The baby uttered cries which awakened Kamsa, and then happily he went to the prison chamber and snatched the girl baby and as he lifted her in the air, the baby, who was an incarnation of the Devi herself, laughed in glee “Kamsa, your real enemy is still alive. The son of Devaki is alive and well and will come back to kill you”, and then disappeared. Kamsa was outraged beyond wits and started a killing spree of all boys at that age in his kingdom. It was a terror outbreak.
Krishna led a very pampered and amorous life in the Gokul, along side thousands of gopikaas, the cowherdesses who were all entralled at his beauty and were thrilled whenever he played the flute. There are numerous playful instances of Krishna, playing mischief with the gopikaas including breaking their butter pots. Many a poets, literarians have described these amorous and mischievious acts as Raas-Lila of Krishna. Among all the gopikaas, one Radha was special to Krishna. There are numerous amorous tales of Radha and Krishna together. Krishna is also known to be a very mischievious child who annoyed Yashoda a lot. A lot of dohas (poems) described by Mirabai, an ardent devotee of Krishna, are very popular which describe the naughty acts of Krishna. Among them the one titled “Maiya Mori Main nahi makhan khayo” is an all-time favourite. It describes the excuses which Krishna gives to his mother yashoda explaining that he was not responsible for stealing of the butter from the gopikaas.
Krishna incarnated in this world to eliminate evil elements from this world. There are numerous tales of his bravery since his childhood. Many of the stories are related to the attempts by Kamsa, to kill Krishna after Kamsa came to know that Krishna was in Gokul alive. Some of the tales are given below
As Krishna grew older he left the heavenly Gokul, and the idyllic life alongside Gopis, to go and kill Kamsa. He killed Kamsa, and then settled in Dwaraka along with his brother Balram and learnt the traditional arts of fighting including archery. He arbitrated in the fight between the Pandavas and Kauravas in Mahabharata. During the war he is well known for his monologue to Arjuna on the battlefield, which is together termed as the Bhagvad Gita. There are many stories of Krishna, starting from his childhood to his death including his role in Mahabarata war, his rule over Dwaraka, his childhood amorous acts with gopikaas including Radha, his winning of wives like Satyabhama etc.