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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Elephant Face for Ganesha

Once Lord Shiva went to forest for atonement leaving Parvati behind all alone at home. Parvati decided to take bath one day but was worried as there was no one around her to look after the house and stop anyone to enter the house. There for she created a boy from the sandal paste applied on her body and permeate life into it. She instructed the boy to stand at the door and not to allow anyone enter the house. The boy with respect and dutifully followed the order of Parvati and stopped everyone to enter the house.

Soon Lord Shiva returned home. He was very surprised to see a stranger denying him to enter the house. Lord Shiva lost his patience and strike off the boy’s head with his Trishula. When Pravati came out, she broke down in pain seeing headless body of the boy. She asked Lord Shiva to reinstate the boy life but unfortunately the head was tossed very far by the power of Trishula. Lord Shiva realize his mistake and order his celestial armies “Gana” to get the head of first living being he come across, But its head should must be facing north.

Gana without delayed rushed to jungle and found a sleeping elephant facing north. They cut off his head and handed it to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva fixes the head on the body and infused life into him. Lord Shiva made him the leader of his celestial army. From there on he was named as Ganapati, head of the celestial army was supposed to be worshiped first by everyone before starting any new venture.

Mushak of Lord Ganesha Vehicle

There is a very interesting story behind how a mouse became Lord Ganesha’s Vahana or vehicle. Once there was a demon named Gajamugasurana. He was a great disciple of Lord Shiva. Pleased with his devotion Lord Shiva blessed him with several boons, which made him very powerful but proud and dominating. He started troubling Gods by forcing them to do 1008 Theoppukaranams (sit ups done holding both ears with cross hands) thrice a day.

Tired and helpless, the Gods asked Lord Shiva to overcome with this problem. Lord Shiva asked Lord Ganesha and sent him with numerous weapons to fight with demon. As the demon was blessed with the boon that none of the weapons can cause any harm to him, all the attempts made using weapons to kill the demon went in vein. Lord Ganesha broke his right tusk to overcome the demon. Gajamugasurana assumed himself as a small mouse and run towards Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha very wisely controlled him and sat on him crushing his proud and ego. The defeated Gajamugasurana apologized and bowed before Lord Ganesha for mercy. Since then Gajamugasurana always escort Lord Ganesha as his Vahana.